Vocational Training

Most Rwandan families still earn their income from farming, and there is a huge shortage of skilled tradesmen and women.

Anxious to join the modern world, the Rwandan Government is focusing on educating students in science and technology. Unfortunately there aren’t many jobs in these fields. Most families still earn their income from farming. This dynamic has created a huge shortage of skilled tradesmen and women.

We have many vocational and skills training already in place and will be starting more programs to help equip and empower men and women in the community with a way to earn a living and provide for their families.


Vocational Training for Women

There are many vocations that were identified as important by local women in the community. Some of those skills were:

  • Sewing/Tailoring
  • Aesthetics & Hairdressing
  • Hospitality
  • Artisan Crafts

Learning a vocational skill will allow Women in Rwanda to earn an income and help support their families. We have started with sewing and hairdressing. Once we better understand the market in Rwanda we will incorporate training in the production and marketing of artisan items such as jewelry, handbags, decor items, ect.

Vocational Training for Men

Young men are desperate and eager to learn any skills that could earn them a living. Victory Family Home of Champions will begin offering vocational training in two main areas:

  • Carpentry/Woodworking
  • Welding/Metal Forming

These skills along with financial support through Micro Loans and our marketing techniques will aid young men in finding work or starting a business of their own.We will also offer innovative training through our farming initiative that will allow local farmers to improve their current farming practices giving them a better chance to provide for their families.